Ras Kass

"All Day (Ft. TQ)"

[Verse 1]
Promised myself when I got free I'd spit the world's sh*ttiest rhymes
So n*ggas hoped I never came home like P. Diddy and shined
Lord give me a sign, tell the governator, Kobe, and these L.A. rap n*ggas this city is mine
I got now, f*ck who got next
Pop out like the loch ness
Moon boo from the hot lex?
Then get the hoes topless, set summer jam
We with them guns fam, sh*t
For a hundred grand I'd turn rap to Vietnam
Have n*ggas running in place like they do in the running man
With son of sam
Carpe diem, I seize the day
Never know, I might leave today
I wonder if heaven got hood or section 8
Life's a b*tch, but the sex is great
So stop acting like me getting my swerve on is a crime
Even Jesus turned water to wine

[Verse 2]
Even stray bullets take breath away
So I'm blessed just to see next yesterday
We still here like death and taxes
Shoot straight from the lip like Brazilian waxes
White t shirt, Nike air maxes
Been around the world off this rap sh*t
Pouring out fifths for the dead homie
Pure white henny imported from France for me
Transform me like Optimus Prime, rocking this shine
Knocking this dime, probably won’t stop me from popping this 9
f*ck every rapper, I’m sick
I’ll spit snot in his spine like he not in his prime
Monotonous grind
Got friends concerned I’m living too fast
n*gga life’s a cigarette
Better burn this mother f*cker up
‘Cause in the end we all just ashes
Plus haters want to smash us

[Verse 3]
Gs up, hoes down
But I done seen more so-called Gs ho up when it goes down
And freeze up
Split second of hesitation got the reverend speaking at your wake
We could be making ??
But I can’t stop a hustler from getting his money
So he up the block
And this type of sh*t happens every day, n*gga
I hit em up like Bobby Boucher
For my Mexican (Hondas?) with the bomb ass panocha
That lift you off your feet like wingardium leviosa
Harry Potter the cherry popper got your proper body shots of raspberry flavored Bacardi
Yeah, I’m still doing 4 months
Get your grown man on, never tuck your nuts
Is it good? Do a bear sh*t in the woods?
Trying to be the first n*gga with space ships in the hood

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