She Know lyrics


Quasi The Explorer

She Know
Damn well
What I'm doing
She Know
Damn well

[Verse 1]
When I pull up
Crew not with me, we alone now, do not worry
You can make whatever sound now, that's my baby
I know that I make her feel good when we cruisin'
In the drop top spent one-fifty, I got b*tches
But when trap out need to make that money quickly
We said only bring bad b*tches, said so strictly
I know that whenever I am gone you'll miss me
Bad, bad baby, lil' lady try to kiss me (ooh)

You better hurry
You better hurry
You better hurry the f*ck up, now
Cause' I'm not waiting, for you
Waiting for you
I'm not waiting for you

[Verse 2]
I've made a lot of mistakes in my life
I've got a b*tch but that b*tch not my wife
Reaper gonna' take me away with the scythe
I'm gone try to get this guap with all of my might though
When she see that pipe, she said what a sight, hoe
Red light put me on the map
I turned right, I turned right
I turned right, I turned right, hoe

[Verse 3]
I got love, oh I got love and it surrounds me
I got baby to the left always around me
I got a b*tch and that b*tch, oh she is a dime piece
When she look at me, she is so nice to me
So right for me
I said baby please tell me if you would die for me
Cat and mouse, she chase me
Yeah she is the mice for me
Yeah baby, that's my baby she's the life of me
Yeah baby, that's my baby she's the life of me, (aye)
She's the, she's the life of me

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