"Chemical X"

[Intro: SAMOKOZIE & Kid Cole]
Huh (Haha!)

[Verse 1: SAMOKOZIE & Kid Cole]
Okay like, Glock on my di*k, swing my fist, b*tch I’m p*ssed
Uh, di*k in my b*tch. (Oh my, ay!)
Pull it out like it down fit
From the south, like where my fit
Keep a thirty like a stick
Ay, wait. (Ay, ayy, ayy, ayy!)
She said she want all my kids, ay. (What, huh?)
Sike, n*gga to my ex
I’m splitting with my texts. (Ayy, huh, haha!)
Okay, beat it up, beat it up, beat the pus*y like abuse
Chain up on me like a noose. (Abuse!_
Nooses with my crew. (Suicide)
Pulled it up like rest in peace
Got that b*tch all on her knees
Say a prayer like “Pretty please!”
Hey, ay, huh, ay, hey, ay, huh
Like where my Glock at? (Ayy, where it muthaf*ckin at?)
Like where my muthaf*ckin, huh. (Like where?)
Swing that b*tch like where my mop at (Where my mop?)
Like where my muthaf*ckin mop (Where my mothaf*ckin?
Aiming high just like a top hat
Ay, okay, like. (What? Ayy, huh!)
Woah, b*tch, go. (Cobain, Cobain, cocaine, ayy!)
Dont need no hoes’ (Ayy!)
Wait f*ck, I’ll go. (Haha!)

[Verse 2: Kid Cole]
Run up with a choppa. (Bshh!)
Bee like mother-father. (Bff-ay!)
I didn’t mean bother. (What?)
But b*tch I gotta slaughter. (Yeah!)
Come in for your daughter. (Ahh!)
Come for Balenciagas (Ayy!)
f*ckin million dollar, can I get a holler? (Uh)
Okay, run It up. (Run it up!)
Like I’m DDG
I just got Wally on DVD. (Beep-beep-beep-beep-bop-boop!)
They wan be with me. (What?)
Why don’t you set me free? (Free!)
Ash to Butterfree

Yo! Yo, X stop!
Yo x stop!
X, Stop!

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