TOUGH lyrics



All is this effort given is a must
Everything I’m spitting it is tough
Given b*tches a ridiculous blush
Y’all display a frivolous touch
Hoes run from you now they licking my nuts
I’m a clown, like a smoker I’m flicking they jiggling butts
Y’all boring put ‘em to sleep like jiggly puff
On me cuz I’m giggly handsome and funny as f*ck
They buy me drinks come straight up to me when I’m sitting in the club
I tell them no but they insist and such
They tell you no you b*tch and fuss
You ain’t this lit and meticulous

Mad cuz they heart just ain’t this this tough
Trying to compete with jay is rough
Mad cuz they subtracted and Jays a plus
Don’t be mad cuz ya ain’t this tough
Mad cuz they heart ain't this tough

I ain’t trying to petty it’s just the truth
Y’all just messy can’t adjust to you
Y’all thirsty as hell no wonder why they uncomfortable
I barеly gotta lift a muscle dude
I can train you I’m the conductor dudе
You can see why I’m lovable
If you’re lucky you’ll leave with multiple
Me I only keep one that’s untouchable
Just don’t be drunk and dysfunctional
Just be precise and approachable
Don’t talk too much but be social able
Compliment but don’t flirt excessive
Be stern but not too aggressive
Mention skills but don’t seem too impressive
Then they’ll keep on with questions
I just walked you through the whole damn lesson
Follow these steps and you’ll move in perfection
Now you know why I can say this sh*t
Cuz y’all would probably just give up and pay for a b*tch
That’s been ran thru like the metro subway
When I finally let go of my ex that one day
Shorty put that sweet thang on top of me like a Sunday then the following Monday i got some stupid head.. dumb face
Mouth mad dirty but my di*k stay clean
Always use my last name I don’t need no STD’s
Shorty brain like got high scores on the SAT’s
She knows I’m a K I N G always satisfying
I’m not lying but we are laying but I fell sleep cuz this b*tch put on lord of the rings
Woke up to breakfast and head in bed in that order kept that sh*t hushed they might deport her
Money could be slow but women come at fast pace , they still tell me to pump my brakes.. I don’t need a Bugatti to pull no b*tch I ain’t no punk ass Andrew tate cuz I shorty off amputate, she her knees facing me that’s part of her faith
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