Black Veil Brides

"Sweet Blasphemy (Re-Stitched)"

(Verse 1)
Through sadness you have taught us to be one with the crowd
Unveil the sacred order, hymns of falling down
You told the greatest stories, of love and bleeding crowns
But to the sick and hungry, you cannot be found

We are young and we are strong
Through strength in self we become
Something more than they can be
I raise my heart 'n say

That I won't believe this lie
I know there's something more inside
When darkness is all you see
This is our sweet blasphemy

(Verse 2)
Silence the crooked holy, unchain the tied and bound
No time for allegory, one true reigning sound
Unite the lonely mourning, a simple servant now
We are the only glory, hear us screaming loud

We are young and we are strong
I raise my heart 'n say
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