"I Don’t Feel It"

[Intro: T-Lost]
T-Lost, T-Lost, T-Lost, T-Lost

[Hook: T-Lost]
I don't feel it
She say she love me, but I don't feel it
Fans say they love me, but I don't feel it
Friends say they love me, but I don't feel it
Everyone say they love me, but I don't feel it

[Verse: T-Lost]
I just be simping cause I feel so lonely
Yeah, aye
I just be feeling like I am the only person that cannot make friends
Couldn't even make amends
Am I happy, that depends
Is it worth it for the Benz
Being a rapper is so isolating cause nobody likes me enough to hang
Or maybe they all think that I’m just a busy guy who has already got a gang
But either way I’m sad and I do not know how to change that
Makes me wanna isolate so maybe this explains that
Just wish someone recognized and tried to help me out
But part of me is saying I should really just reach out
Cause I guess I need to be the one to make all the connections
I just wish I could get over my fear of rejections
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