Can we just vibe lyrics



[Intro: Beccaisleeping, reptile legit]

[Chorus: Beccaisleeping]
So can we just vibe?
You can over to my house and spend the night
We can play with sticks and stones in the dirt outside
We can stay in and play all night, play all night, play all night
Waking up at 6 AM to watch the sunrise
Skate around the block so we can pass the time
I'm smoking all this—, got us feeling so high (high)

[Verse 1: Beccaisleeping]
Cause I just wanna hang with you (you)
Yeah, I don't care what we do (do)
We could just sit and talk all day, if you wanted to (to)
Or we could just go outside (side)
Or we could just ride a bike (bike)
And listen to music while we lay back and watch the sky

[Verse 2: reptilelegit]
Can we just vibe?
You can just stay, stay the night
You got a man?
Oh that's fine
Is he aware that he don't treat you right?
Is he aware that he don't even try?
Is he aware that you're spending the night?
I just want closure, I don't wanna fight
But if you like sense, Imma put up my sign
Sorry for yapping, I just get so anxious
Being with you girl, it seems kinda dangerous
Well you know me, I got all of this patience
Do what you want, you know there's no complaining
Taking it slow, I don't know what I'm painting
I want a feature with you, I've been waiting
When you're with him, I know sh*t is restraining
I promise you that it's safer for dating (dating)
[Bridge: Beccaisleeping]
So call me on the phone, you know I'll be here waiting
And you and me, we could be something so amazing
I'm having so much fun with you, got good vibrations
My heart is in your hands, baby, so please don't break it

[Outro: Beccaisleeping, Beccaissleeping & reptilelegit]
So can we just vibe? (vibe)
So can we just vibe? (vibe)
So can we just vibe? (vibe)
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