All i ever wanted lyrics


​eli. (USA)

I used to wake up always hating myself
I used to wish that i was dead
I used to wish i had a different shaped head
I had a list of things that made me upset

I used to think that life just wasn't worth it
I used to not see the point
And every now and then, i still have those days
I just hope someday i won't disappoint

You can find yourself in all the places you never thought to look

Cause all i ever wanted was to be somebody else
Instead of just myself
And that is not how it's supposed to be

And all i evеr wanted was to look like someonе else
I didn't love myself
But i'm exactly who i'm supposed to be

And we all are!

Some days i just wanna fade away
I don't wanna feel the pain anymore

I don't wanna get up, i don't wanna go to work
I just wanna leave it all at the door
Cause what's the point of all this living
If i'm living like this?
You will find your purpose, i promise
It's pretty hard to miss
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