Deaton Chris Anthony


Exclusive offer
We introduce you a killing machine for just under 5000 dollars
Too alpha to use a weapon with a recoil pattern
For just four thousand seven hundred and fifty us dollars
You'll give yourself a new uk made clip factor to annihilate all in your path
99 baby
Girl you crazy
In your miniskirt and your little braids
Breaking boys' hearts on the daily
How old is she?
How old is she?
Cooties tell the truth
They don't lie to you
(damn damn damn damn)
Who else but zuhnnnn
Yo whats goin on guys zuhn here and welcome back to another video, in todays video im gonna be teaching you guys how to paste your own cheat
(insert laugh track)
Eh hehehehe
How old is she?
Put your freaking hands up (x4)
Up up
Put your freaking hands up (x5)
Put your freaking hands up (x2)
Check this out
Long hard-working day
Oh get up out my way
Boy 'bout to get mad
Sit-ups, crunches, abs
Girl got the juice
She got a large ass
Looking like a T-Rex
'99 baby
Drive me crazy
How old is she?
(You want it, come get it?)
How old is she?
(BOOM * fade out *)

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