A$AP Twelvyy


Me and Menoh back in the town on ten
You know what I'm sayin'? (Ayy)
It's like a [?] classic (b*tch)

[Verse 1]
Seedo in the box, commissary flooded, yeah
Everything in stock, blood I got you covered, yay (Woo)
Call me 12 o’clock, twelve like f*ck the cops
Twelve like afternoon (What?), black like Static Shock
Always on the block (Block, block)
Open 'em up (Yeah)
Aim for the target, huh, tech like it's target
Top of the top, spark, hit the garden
Pop me some molly, movin' like Harden
Stop on a dot, top with the nozzle, huh
Back to the block, huh
Jumped off the porch, how could I [?]
It's for the navy, don't let it change you
Bless for my anchors, everything fatal
Feelin' like Thanos, best keep your chain close
Look at the ring pop
Higher than King Kong
Sicker than [?]
Look at the ring size
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