Plan B


Uyakhumbula ntwana kqala
Bes' nokhlala kumthunz welanga
And listen to the radio,sihleli nomaGogo
Uyakhumbula ntwana sdlala
Bekwi game back then ,manje
Ntwana is on the radio,kwajabul' umaGogo
Iwoowo wowo wowo wowo eh, iyeye eye x2
And to think it was a game when i started with rapping
They heard me on the radio who knew it would happen
Khule kdlal' omaskandi, omam' uRebbeca
Ngafik' elokshin that's where everything happened

MfanakaGogo yeah MaMvubu raised me
And she took me to Durban for better education
Nok'shay u Call back masijampil' ethunjin
Apatanis' ama cent money from pension

Oledy beli dah, and she did all she could
If ubenawo namandla to do better she would
Yeah i understand mama don't you shed any tear
If you ever need anything just know that I'm here

EkaBab' ingangen ngaze ngi lose inhlonipho
Story for another day sbuyele kuGogo
Ntomb endala wena uyimbokodo
Hope to see you all soon sengathola netoho. Ei
And to think it was a game when i started with rapping
Mama was a singer so she did understand me
That strong desire had that love and passion
Ugogo was confused saw nothing was special

Mzukulu ikhona nje imali in music ?
Yes Magogo but i need to b patient
And key to success ain't always education
It's a risk that I'm taking and i might not make it but

Ukzama kyasiza sometimes
Vukuy'thuntuthe u'll fall more then once
Baby steps cause u will need to balance
This industry is choosy make connections

And in progress, alot pending
Impilo can never have a happy ending
Six feet under when u barried in the coffin
Never mind fate having lived is a blessing

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