Plan B

"Hamb’ Ungabuyi"

Uzuhamb'  ungabuy weh
Ngeke  ngcengane nawee ×4
Cannot pretend i do care
Coz vele you were never there
We  were not good as a pair
You  played with the boy you were never fair
But look at now sh*t is different
I  live the life we were wishin
Music payin i was never playin
And you saw me failin now a n*gga winnin
Now you in your feelings
Dont  you call me back
Dont you ever ask how a n*gga feelin
Now i am dedicated to the whole gang and we chasin millies
You didn't ride for your own one when he wasn't winnin
You wish you can have me back
You know itll never last
You follow my n*ggas back
To see if i crash
Get high and i never land
You never gonn' see me sad
You never gonn see me mad
You prolly gonn' see me flex


Cabangi nok'buyel' emuva mah
Ngincenge angeke ngikwaz mna
Suka x2 hambe le, buka x2 where I'm at
Injabulo nanemfudumalo feelin better now u ain't here

You never really had an impact
My happiness not in your hands
Think about it x2, I'm never myself whenever you present
Piece nyana yalothando lwakho i can take and put it in your pocket
"Baby wam do you love me?"
You seriously askin me that sh*t

B*_ch please get a life, move out of my way
And don't ever call me
If you see me in the street you don't greet the n*gga
Cause i won't respond back
I'm heartless, tell me something i don't know
Like where you at when im out working
Now it doesn't matter anymore

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