"Backseat Bandit (Remix)"

[Intro: Iamsu!]
HBK Gang and the Stinc Team, n*gga
Free the Drakeo
HBK, n*ggas know how we play
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Iamsu!]
Stu-Stu eighteen mainy, JuJus and J rainy
Suwop and Drakeo the G.O.A.T.'s what they say lately
Skipped over Louboutins, I'm in LV trainers
Get medulla from thooters 'cause I'm a rich entertainer
You Supreme campin', I'm foreign blampin' and car stampin'
Got the Glock in the crib if n*ggas ever try flu flammin'
Backwood with two strands mixed, call that a loose cannon
I'm OT with an off-brand, I program her
You a ho hander, I never learned about those manners
If I'm not on your flatscreen, you on the wrong channel
2020 AMG, the seats mammal
Called Johnny Dang, told him put diamonds in my enamel
I'm a verified real rep, big step, big check
Out of town flexin' too hard, he bound to get blitzed
f*ck all that dumb sh*t, I won't give her one Twix
But I will get her SSN and car PIN
Yeah, you outside, but you a Backyardigan
I don't do the arguments, go finish who you started with
'Cause I ain't him, baby, Will and Jada, we ain't them, baby
Common sense, baby, I got ice on every limb, baby
Get a job, baby, I am not a Billy Bob, baby
Corny cob, baby, all this talkin' throw me off, baby
'Cause this P move in silence like a psycho
If I ain't on your top ten list, it's been a typo, gang
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