"X Games"

[Intro: Iamsu!]
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Iamsu!]
sh*t get wild like the X games
Cracked a smile the the check came
H.B.K. on my next chain
If you try, I'ma let it sing
We get fly like a jet plane
Ask me why, it's the only way
Free my dogs with a hunnid plays
Came to ball, but it's not a game

[Verse 1: Iamsu!]
Martine Rolls, Palm Angels, add me up
Make it hard to breathe, so you at me, uh
Hard for her to leave, she attached to me
Honestly, I let her breathe, happen naturally
Had to get up off my ass and go after it
Had to get inside my bag, immaculate
It's a feeling that I get, I can't articulate
It ain't a sin, I can hit or make it history
The way it's playing out don't make no sense to me
And I got water in the drought, don't gotta hydrate me
It's a miracle, I'm a survivor
And a gun, n*gga, where the drama?
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