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Void (Rapper)

Keemstar, Void, collab coming soon

[Verse 1: Keemstar]
All stans are the same, they're rotting in my brain
I'm on Twitter, K-Pop trending on Twitter
Make one tweet and these stans getting bitter
f*ck Jimin I'mma say what I wanna
While you make a tweet I'll make a couple commas
It's drama, ain't nothing but drama
Keem on this b*tch flowing like some hot lava
Y'all idols can program like some Java
Owned by the industry, don't do what they wanna
In the woods I just found a f*cking dolla
And when this drama, you know I give the subs a hollah
Fast as f*ck boi with the flow you can't handle
It's Keemstar b*tch I ain't never getting cancelled
All stans are the same, they're rotting in my brain
All stans are thе same, they're rotting in my brain

[Verse 2: Void]
No friеnds, no food, no wife
K-Pop idols they got not life
I'mma say it once, b*tch I'll say it twice
President of this diss track meet my vice
I'm the vice b*tch holding this f*cking flow switch
Forty stans in my feed, a job for this .40 Clip
Corporations getting in their bag like a corn chip
These kids starving themselves but their health can't afford it
Yeah they can't afford it, ain't healthy can't ignore it
Diesel on these bars you want the smoke I f*cking floor it
Yeah I f*cking floor it the dark side let's explore it
You claiming you an Army but you won't fare in this war b*tch
f*ck K-Pop I can't say it enough
Smoking that K-Pop pack pass around take a puff
Industry's got them trapped got them locked in the cuffs
On Twitter acting tough now we calling your bluff
Like help you can't stand up, lil' stupid b*tch you should have got Life Alert
I'm killing with the Killer Keemstar on this motherf*cking track you on the news, you're on Drama Alert
[Verse 3: Void]
They said you best not be f*cking with the BTS
Diss trAK-47 right to your chest
They going coco for K-Pop I'm coco for dissing stuff
Oh my god Jimin and I said shut up b*tch listen up
I said listen up out of the algorithm I have f*cking risen up
For the sake of humanity I will never give it up
They said they're gonna cancel me but I'm just getting started up
I'm just getting started I'm getting ahead
I ain't getting cancelled till I'm on the ground with a motherf*cking bullet inside of my head
Draw four gats turn the f*cking color to red
Plastic surgery got them all f*cked in the head
They can't even date so they have to hide it
If they had love then the fans wouldn't like it
These people delusional they do not like you
They did their little dance lil' b*tch does that excite you
They all be so Flashy disabled Adobe
Taking on the bot like Obi Wan Kenobi
Robots tryna preach I call that Tim and Moby
Now you can talk sh*t but you don't even know me
Let me be hated their lyrics all basic
Everyone's a racist this species invasive
Shooting leads with this pencil anybody tryna diss back I'mma flip on that b*tch and erase it

[Verse 4: Void]
Ha, these finger flickers they won't fare in a fist fight
What these corporations do to these kids just ain't right
Smash on the motherf*cking beat like I'm all night
I wonder why lately man they all committing suicide
Stans all around me man I can't f*cking blink
K-Pop ripping off of 90s NSYNC
Giving black and blue to anybody giffing back Blackpink
Lil girls old men I guess they got a new kink
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