4LM0STBLV3 lyrics



Almost blue
Just me and you
Riding round the city really
Nothing else to do
You never believe your eyes
Change with your mood
But it’s true
I see the color now
And I swear their
Almost blue
Cleaner than the truth
I know that you get me after
What we’ve been through
I just wanna see you glow
Soft like the moon
Pretty soon
The stars will come out
When the sky is
Almost blue
Windows down in the
Same coupe we could
Leave it all in the
Rеar view tonight
I hope my voice is somеthing like
Finger tips on your spine
Cause this one’s for the
Baddys that were
Reppin me before I really
Made it
Shoutout all my
Critics tryna find a way to
Hate this
Either way my
Wrist is looking like a
Hundreds almost
Blue if you run up
Than Freddy’s
I won’t even say
I’m just kinda quiet, but
When I’m on a
Stage, then it’s
It’s finna be a
When I’m back
Home, hope you’re
Waiting, hope we’re
Gonna stick together like glue
Some old tattoos
How they fade to almost blue
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