"Moon Rock"


Whole team coming up
I need my wrist froze
I dont wanna fall in love cuz i got like 6 hoes
I got your shorty dancin like its disco
She throw it back i said woah
Got that moon rock
Moon rock
Purple haze while Im counting blue guap
I jus run it up got some new guap
Off that moon rock
Moon Rock


Off that moon rock
Pull up in that spaceship
Pull up with your main b*tch
Nevermind she basic, (yuh yuh)
Im making my own guap
And im switching lanes quick
I be where the rain is
And im getting paid quick, (yuh yuh)
Drip wet when i flex
I been getting checks
Ima pull up with a tech
Aiming at your neck
Boy don't show no disrespect (yuh yuh)
And yo shorty give me sex yuh
Everybody know ZZ up next yuh (yuh yuh)
Ima asian when it come to the kitty and them chopsticks
Pull up on a op quick if he wanna talk sh*t (yuh)
Heard ya homie talking tough all im hearing is some nonsense
I was Hungry cook some music up like some ramen, (yuh)
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