Rob Zombie I'm riding in a Dragula
Sharp fangs n*gga call me count Dracula
Planned it out, now my scheme is immaculate
Shoot it out, just make sure that it's accurate

Rob Zombie I pull up in a big whip
Pentagram on my shirt, that's that big drip
n*ggas know Undead draped in triple 6
Ghetto Metal-head that's my f*cking fit
Corpse paint on my face, n*ggas know I trip
Got a drum fully loaded with the big grip
Got a bag full of mags that's extended clip
Pull up solo, 20 n*ggas dip
Got Satan on my back, machete on my hip
House of thousand corpses that's my f*cking crib
Ed Gein with your corpse that's how I live
Running from the beast, I'll catch you slip
No mercy, I ain't Jesus. the f*ck is forgive
Crawling to your grave with a torn limb
Coughing up blood with your broke rib
Hacking at your body, bet you won't live
Leave that pus*y rotting, leave them all stiff
Look in my eyes, see i'm heartless
That f*cking type of n*gga leave you arm-less
Grew up cold, bathed in darkness

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