Best for me lyrics



Aha (woooo)
Yeah (aha) i just like estacy
Yeah (aha) it’s not the best for me ah
Yeah (woah)I like her sexually huh
Huh (woah) it’s not the best for me (huh)
Come back tell me what you said huh
And i bought these diamonds (?)
Yeah i got the coupe bought the vet, (?)
I got the coupe on the side, yeah check on the jet
Turn up (yeah)
Lifestyle better with bread huh
How you gon (?) (Hr)
I went and bought a C8, i was just living this way (Hr)
Yeah bossed up got my own plane (planе) tell me what u said (yeah)
I еat the shrimp wit the steak, i leave ya ass on read
I get the shh on the bed (get up) she get the yat on her head
Twin he decided to fill him wit lead huh (yeah)
I can’t even give you respect
It’s not bout what you doing to him, it’s bout what you said
It’s not how you go and prove it to him, it bout that respect (that respect)
I guess it seem like i got stupid to him, went and bought a jet
We not normal, we don’t do normal geeking, i call up my blick
(buh buh buh buh buh buh) (?) go brush off ya feet
All my diamonds flawless, vs1, yeah this one for me
Brand new SI for your cinderella glasses on your feet
Yeah i called up my b*tch and she gon suck me twice a week
You sounding like the cops the way i………
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