All 4 Nothing lyrics



(Yo, Luca where you at?)
Yeah, yea
All for nothing, all for nothing
Had to evolve, had to do something with myself, had to
All for nothing, all for nothing (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
(It's all for nothing)
And I told em', and I fully told em'

(Isn't it crazy how it's)
All for nothing (Go, go, go)
Anything you ever did and said, it all meant nothing
Yeah, in the corner of my eye, seen my life flash (Go, go, go)
I was pushing two hundred then ran out of gas (Swerve)
I had to get this money, I had to get paid
Light speed, talking to my Gods, to my Hieroglyphics
Yeah, mix the X up with the Wock, I'ma test my limits
Trust me, every last one of them b*tches gon' hit no misses (Yeah)

Yeah, I'on like to flex too much, I let my money talk to 'em
Yeah, I wake up and get high then all my problems gone
Yeah, how much money coming in? How much money do you owe?
Told her that I couldn't sin no more, watch the b*tch go (Go, go, go, go)
Told 'em it's deeper than that
Told 'em its deeper than all of the bullsh*t, said it's deeper than rap
All my money got so tall, all my money got so tall (Tall, tall)
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