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... (Brrr)
Big body steel on the Benz, or the big body Lamb', that big body (Brrr)
I just pulled up like a gankey, [?] London might [?] you, the big body (Brrr)
I'm 'bout to slice you, I'm 'bout to dice you, it's not nice
Put you inside of a bag, fill it with rice so [?]
I just went to the devil with my money, then I f*cked it up, get [?] and go thrice
I ain't even rollin' with nobody else, so stop callin' my phone [?]
All of my diamonds, they smackin' the shade at you like the motherf*ckin' lights
All of you really been bugging me, yeah, y'all some motherf*ckin' lice
Me and my twizzies the same, speaking of [?]
You thought you was gon' give me the brain, she sucked it all night
(You thought you was gon' give me the brain)
Ya, yeah
Ya, yeah

Walked inside the Benz [?] just stepping, ball on everyone
When I got real big, I ran it up, then flipped off everyone
I just got these racks, I posted up, but I'm not [?]
Shooter ran, they go, they ran in [?], they hit up everyone
Every time I didn't give a sh*t, I still went number 1 (One)
And my pockets filled with money, [?] that f*ckin' shmunk (Yeah)
I just pulled up at his parents, then he [?] to run (West)
We heard you still live with your parents, you are f*ckin' [?]
No, you not been smoking no gas, you not smokin' no Runtz
I am never gon' tell you twice, only gon' tell you once
Rollin', I'm just rollin', I'm just rollin' up the [?]
Rollin', I'm just rollin', I'm just rollin' in the big body
Rollin', I'm just rollin'
Roll him on a roller for my [?], I was [?] (Yeah)
I heard you was tellin', we heard you was snitchin', can't risk with you fellas (Yeah)
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