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Yeah, (Let's go)
Yeah walk with a [?]
Walk with a [?]
Walk with a [?]
Walk with a [?]
Yeah, draco (yeah)

[Verse 1]

I get racks every time I wake up (yeah, wake up)
Yeah, pretty much I'm Jeff Bezos (yeah, Bezos)
Yeah, them b*tches all white, them b*tches all mayos (ah)
Yeah, Mexican I'm on my pesos (yeah)
Been up on my racks, these b*tches stick just like they Lego (yeah)
b*tch coming out too fast that's how that bih let go my Eggo (yeah)
Racks too fat (ay ay)
I get a hunnid thousand sentence every duffle bag (hunnid)
I can't trust this sh*t ain't tell me had to double back (two time)
b*tch ate my di*k and my balls this b*tch just double gagged (double gagged) (yeah)
[?] by sh*t, I don't even like to brag (like to brag)
Yeah, that pretty b*tch on my di*k, so I got unlimited swag (whoo)
But they really [?] on my di*k so I got all of this cash (racks)
b*tch go silly on this di*k, this b*tch done got a rash
In a [?], I just hop out and crash (yeah)
They get to see it, by the time that I already blast
They boutta see it, why the hell I'm go-going so fast (yeah)
Never got a C, I always been failin' my class
She was suckin' this D, and she turned I'm smackin' that ass (woah)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, tellin' you not no care-are
Yeah, one thing about this life this sh*t not fair-air (count it up)
High as sh*t [?]
I'm in a Tesla Model X, this don't even steer-eer
All of my [eggs?] are really big, they outta here-ere
Uh, I'm sippin' on [?] right now
Uh, I sip on a beer-eer (yeah)
Yeah, I been talkin' my sh*t right now
I don't wanna hear sh*t, I don't wanna hear sh*t
You can suck on my di*k right now
And my twizzy gon' pull up we pull up a drug man, he gon' hit right now

Walk with a [?], walk with a [?]
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