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All I do is make money and bootup (All I do is make- yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

All I do is make money and bootup
I touch the X got my mood up (Yeah)
Sipping this wock got the two cup
Up with the guys, I'm too up (Flawed)
All of my rings they do that (Uhh)
b*tch suck it up in the Maybach (Mmm)
I take the oxy with X (Oxy)
I like the b*tch cause the sex (Ahh, you lying)
Who the hell you trying to impress (You stink)
You smell like a lot of bad breath (Ah)
Got sh*t to get off my chest
Why would you say it's my game, b*tch no, it's no rest (No, no, no)
I don't sleep, I don't rest
That b*tch head my favorite, it's the best (Ahh)
I turn this sh*t to a thousand (Thousand)
b*tch I just been on this jet (Jet)
I put a whole lotta miles in it
No, I ain't breaking no swеat (No)
Put pointers in the purple baguеtte
All my diamonds too wet
Call up Eliantte, yeah
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