The Baconator lyrics



[Intro: Big Bucks Wise]
Yeah, Wise here. The moon is going down
That's how this be
Baconator. Crocodiles and alligators
Site A Lineups and Sova Baiters
My mom said no. So I went and ate her
This The Baconator
Yeah. Yeah, yeah…
Gone up high so see you later. This be greasy like The Baconator!

[Verse 1: Lil Modi]
Greasy, stupid, dreams are lucid
Dreams in my mind, love and cupid
I love bacon, bacon is gooded
Shaking like Speed, bacon shooting like a movie
I’m a to be, two ton, pile of meat, bacon by my feet
Munching bacon in my seat, My flow’s so heat
Like the fryer on the bеat, the bacon is sizzling
The cold, I be killing еm’
Playin’ Poker, I’m dealin’ em
Raw meat, it be chilling then
My freezer is holding em’
That’s just how this sh*t be doing
Go to court so you’ll be suing
Eating bacon I’m so cool, and
Your a fool that’s eating food
That ain’t even good
Bread with butter, knife as a tool
So give it to me, I’ll kill you too!
I’m just joking around
Jump in a Mercedes, let’s go around town
Go to an IHOP, get some bacon and lounge
Just chilling with the coffee and a couple of strips
Served well done, not burnt, that grease be drip
Drip like a Tuxedo, clipping weddings, hit a crit
I’m a Doberman, fetch sticks for a flame, it’s lit’
I mean time goes by, I’m an old man too
I’m a eat some more bacon, I got nothing to lose
I was hoping, ya’ll would stop me, I was choking
Episode, the rating’s are blowing, top of my game
But I’m still not coping, yeah
I was ten for a ten, then ten toes down, floating on my back, inflatable crown, with the bacon in my lap, sh*tting grease out my ass, hitting trees when I crash, growing peas, grabbing cash, but alas
I was seen, seen, seen, with my clean, clean, clean, ass car, car, car, so I washed it down with a bar of soap, and a tar covered rope, painted in matte black, tinted black, black, black, Carti’s slatt, slatt, slatt, fire chat, chat, chat, that’s fax!
Yeah, I be morbid, I be senseless, thinking of bacon, I brought up the lake and the baking oven and the vampire coven, and a bunch of lunch it’s bacon let’s munch!
Crunch crunch!
And a couple of times when I didn’t have haters
I would toss em’ away, saying see you later
They would always crash back, causing multiple craters
I be trying to move past, with the Baconator!
Baconator! Super saiyan crater! Hole is bigger than a figure who is greater, than Dwayne Johnson, but it’s kind of unable, kind of not stable, a bit underable, sh*t!

[Verse 2: SouthOnDaTrack, Big Bucks Wise]
Yuh, bacon in my hands
Back in the garage, I had grease in frying pans
I be seasonin’ with salt, it still turns out really bland
Half a dozen strips, they be shrinking, white to tan
I be cooking, bacon nice, ay…
Bacon sight, ay…
Bacon’s tight, ay…
Clamped through the night, meat be greasy on my sight
All my eyes are a surprise, I got no b*tches in my life
But I’m still fighting I got time
Serve em’ meat, they’ll be mine, ay
That my sign yeah, serve em’ well yeah
Baconator, with some cornflakes taco bell, yeah
Chopping onions, give me hell
Trucking business, shipping Dells
I be soaking while I’m tripping, myself
Just a rotten apple, mac, yeah
And cheese, I eat a snack
Name is SouthOnDaTrack, been a nice chat, yeah
Watching traps, yeah
Causing claps, yeah
Everyday, yeah
Going to the gym just to get a 6 pack, ay
That be fax, ay
Calibex, ay!
Last for checks, ay!
That’s my bacon, ator, ay!
Yuh, bacon in my hands
Back in the garage, I had grease in frying pans
I be seasonin’ with salt, it still turns out really bland
Have a dozen strips, they be shrinking, white to tan
I be cooking, bacon nice, (bacon nice)
Bacon sight, ay… (bacon sight)
Bacon’s tight, ay… (bacon tight)
Bacon nice!
[Outro: Big Bucks Wise]
Yeah, Bacon in my blood we killing pork we servin’ rice
Pork in soul and simply wild, I be looking at my sights
Lamborghini’s painted white, I got no time for you to Skype
Baby girl get off my phone, my interface is way too bright
I got no time for you to tell me, cooking bacon, a long night
I got no sympathetic feelings, baby girl, go reach the light
Llama, alpacas, and some horses, bacon sourcing in from Jordan
I’m just munching on this strip almost like it’s a big distortion
I’m just waiting for the moment, I can eat this, see you later
Flow for haters, stays the same, in container, a Baconator
Yaahhh, Wise out!
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