b*tch, I'm getting money, f*ck he sayin’?
Pull up to your crib with that K
Off a come up, b*tch, I hit that stain
Pullin' up, always keep 'em by my waist

[Verse 1]
You can get smoked, b*tch, you can get wet
[?] follow youth, but you like some vets
FTP up on the bulletproof vest
Talking reckless, I might hit arrest
STM on to my very last breath
I don’t give a f*ck, I aim with that TEC
[?] on my feet, I am blessed
Still in that city, 502 what I rep
Diamonds on my wrist, diamonds VVS
Snatch the Jesus piece right off of his chest
Run up on you, put that thing to your neck
b*tch, I'm f*cking gnarly, to that I confess
b*tch, I put a f*cking hit on his head
Couple holes up in him, I'm not talking distress
I'm in the class with that trigger stressed
Once I let out smoke he ain't coming back
Run up on him, take all of that pack
Run up on him equipped with the strap
Look at these diamonds, they shining bright
Hit up the plug and then jugg the pipe
Pour that dirt in the dirty Sprite
I'm getting money while you [?]
She got a very big appetite
Maison Margiela with Calvin Klein
Like a [?]
Put that sh*t into yo wife
When I enter, take out the lights
b*tch, I pull up and then f*ck a dyke
Double G 249
Hit the toe in that Off-White
STM, b*tch, it's shoot on sight

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