Since a young age, my mama told me get the guap;
And just find a way to the fetti
I'm on a whole different f*ck it, level
I told mama I don’t think they ready
I started grippin' machetes, I started grippin' the rugers
Credit card fraud on computers
Dunno what i’m doin'
I started movin' them drugs and gettin' it in wit' the rulers
Send a few shots it's [?]
But I hit his heart, guess you can call me lil cupid
Dropped outta school I ain't stupid
I just found a way to get me and the team to the mula
Don't approach me and the gang, cus we got a gun
We like to up it for fun
And now we all callin’ ’em forrest
Yeah, huh
Look at that boy f*ckin' run
I don’t even got to stunt
I come in the front
Think i'm a god out the [?]
She tell me bring out the pump
I fill 'em with shells
Turn 'em to [?] the slump
All them slugs
I turn a grown f*ckin’ man to a pus*y wit' what I keep tucked
I came out the slums
Alla these b*tches know me, know that they wanna get f*cked

I put one in your gut
Me and the squad goin' dumb
And I got a clip and a drum
It goin' da da da dum
'member on nights we were servin' them [?]
Alla these pussies swear that it's fight or it's flight
Swear to got that it [?]
All on yo b*tch I dive in from behind
Curry sendin' in shots from behind the line
Me and the gang we uppin' them crimes
Closin' them blinds
b*tches be talkin' they lyin'
I make the b*tch f*ckin' cry
They suicide
Ain't takin the ride
Hands off me officer you gon' die
I already did it so why even try?
'member them days I did not wanna spark
Now i'm a big dog of course i'm gon' bark
I sold my soul but they takin' my heart
These rappers not gangsters they act like they hard
83 sendin 32 shots in the dark
Whip it like Aladdin i'ma rip his f*ckin' body parts
[?] find out where the shotties are
b*tch I got my f*ckin' gun I don't need no f*ckin' bodyguard
Take her to the cinema
That b*tch [?] cinnamon
Posted wit' my minute men
Yes I have killed many men
He actin' belligerent
f*ck it then i'm clippin' 'em
Rippin' 'em
Shotty in the [?]
Everybody in here gonna mark me as a criminal

(Repeated Slowed)

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