The Palmer Squares


[Intro: Wes Restless]
Spent three, four, five months at the crib
I don't even really recall what I did
I don't even really remember how to live
All I really know is that I wanna-

[Chorus: Wes Restless]
Comeback, together now
This too shall pass
It won't last forever now
But for now, I'm blowing you a kiss
Blowing you a kiss
Can't give you a hug but you know I'm givin' love
Open up my eyes every mornin' with a shrug
Prayin' up above that we don't catch the bug

[Verse 1: Terminal Knowledge]
Money pilin' up but the money not enough
All I ever wanted was somebody I could love
Call me in the morning with some coffee in thе mug
Call me in the evеning with the bottle, bottom's up
All I ever wanted, I guess I already got
Meaning I don't need nothin'
Say it louder, say it like it means something
Pray to God, I'm prayin' I can keep lovin'
You turn an L to a W
Hurt myself for fun in the past so it's nothing new
And if it lasts, we'll burn in Hell with each other too
Puff it and pass it, makin' love to the classics
Makin' love like it's music, take a drug and abuse it
Country and Jazz, and makin' love with a passion
Makin' love like it's music, waking up in confusion
Working then rest, two birds in a nest
Life flirting with me, you flirting with death
Come on
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