93 mesures (English Translation) lyrics



[Unique Verse]
I cannot go to marabou because I'm afraid of God
I cannot go the the therapist because I'm from the hood
I've got many stupid principles that I've got to respect
When they ask me why ?
I answer "that's the way we do it in the hood"

A little bit innocent, a little bit guilty
Every police control brings me closer to my featuring with Tupac
In my dreams, a lot of demons and crop circles
For sure I won't do anything, I stay solid, like coffins
I would love to tell you that I'm all yours
That I love you and that everything will be new
But all of Africa knows that no man stays faithful for life
I'm getting crazy, I see happy people everywhere
Either way love is not meant for me, or I am not made for love
I come from a continent and a country that bleeds
When violence is not enough to resolve conflict, we use black magic
We are who we are with
We attract what we have in common
If you're surrounded by motherf*ckers, that means you're one of them too
Before, I wanted to change
Now, I accept who I am
I paint to kill time like Salvador Dali
I've lost myself, it's undeniable
I'm from Cameroon, a family name from there and a slave name
My memories hurt, thinking hurts, I think of all the flaws, all the money badly spent
Before, I thought that I prayed but then I grew up and I understood that all I did was reciting sentences that I had learnt by heart
My style is bipolar
My pen is crying
I'm old enough to think, I want respect I don't want to please people anymore
At our age, the road is still long
And I lie like a cop when I say that I am outraged, that's bad
Even a broken heart can give love
Like a broken clock gives the right time, 2 times a day
I fell from the truck or the ship, we make dying easy
When we make our lives complicated but happiness finds itself it the simple things
The mood is down, yeah
I close my eyes and look around with my ears
I need to talk to someone but I'm way too proud to admit it
For how long have we been fleeing ? For how long have we been running ?
For how long have we been lying ? For how long have we been suffering ?
Head in the clouds, I see the stars calming me
On the roof of a building, you and I, trapped in a spider web
We do what grown up people do when they're naked
Forgetting that most of the kids are unwanted
Maybe he'll have your eyes
Maybe he'll have my looks
Maybe he'll have my voice, he'll have your nose
But we'll never know because we'll give him back to the sky
He travels without a visa
That's ironic but there is nothing like family in the family plan
Few truths and so many lies
And now I'm whispering because I don't want God to hear me
I talk more about God than I talk to Him
I came alone but we'll leave together
I'm so resentful, I'm, I'm, I'm so resentful
I forgave those who hurt me when I saw that those whom I hurt forgave me
I go to work in my car, I cry Chardonnais, stop whining
I'm afraid of the final judgement but I'm living my life
Don't ever talk to me like I'm still the Dinos from Imany
Inanimate corpses, the Human lacks humanity
Even God makes nobody unanimous
Wide nostrils, France is afraid of me even though I'm the nice guy in the hood
Leaving the door open is even worse than slamming it
But happiness finds its way in simple things (happiness is in simple things)
Everyday I sin and bring myself even lower
I believe in God but I'm not sure that He still believes in me
I say "He" but maybe it's a woman
Maybe it's a wave
Maybe it's a soul
(So many things to say but I don't know who to say them to
Sometimes I'd like to leave but it's forbidden)
I wonder who makes laws
Just remembered, it's those who don't respect them
I remember concussions as a way to go
The more I get older, the more trouble I have dealing with my emotions
Life scares me like a Desert Eagle, like death, like an Algerian person screaming
They gave me less but promised way more
So I came back to spit fire like I'm Prometheus
I think about what we were when I look at the stars
Happiness doesn't come your way, it comes from you
Slow down a little, you're driving way too fast
I remembered when I prayed for everything that I've got today
Simple things, Happiness is in simple things, yeah
Why am I loosing myself ? Why am I getting down ?
What does the small minds do when the big minds meet ?
Simple things, happiness is in simple things
If everything would go wrong, I'd stop praying
Because if God gave me everything I wanted, I would use it the wrong way
Simple things, Amen
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