Ced did this ho
[?] makin' beats again
Bust your sh*t right now, n*gga

Come through with the window down, smilin' with that Glock
I just filled up the Benz [?]
Ol' f*ck ass n*gga can't come around [?] I'll make you feel that chopper
Got this Russian b*tch, but come through with Canadians
We step on feet, you know that when it's beef, it ain't no runnin' (No runnin')
Keep smilin', b*tch, this 4-5 [?] gon' knock holes through your stomach (Your stomach)
He talk too much, I take his head and wrap it like a mummy (A mummy)
One in his head, I see dead, start clappin' like a dummy

I said the fashion and hunnid dollar bills be my lingo (Lingo)
Rich n*gga, big four fizzy in my trench coat (My trench coat)
He's a gangster, all that I know, he's a gangster (Da-da, da-da)
He's a gangster, all that I know that he's a gangster (He's a gangster)
Gangster, all that I know that he's a gangster (He's a gangster)
Da-da, da-da

f*ck what you talkin'
'Causе, b*tch, I'm a man, these dirty pistols go to sparkin' (Bow, bow)
He think it's a gamе 'til he gotta go pick his coffin (His coffin)
And please understand only the money gon' do the talkin' (The talkin')
We spend on sh*t regardless
They throw up lighters, my n*ggas throw pistols in the air (FN's)
Ain't no difference in public, I'll zip you up in here (In here)
My lil' brother slang iron, yeah, that's my thug there (That's my thug there)
From the bottom, throw fours, yeah, I get love there (I get love there)
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