Kizz Daniel

"Fvck You"


Cyan believe am in this sh*t
Bwoy kizz fvck you

Verse 1

Mi hear dem call you givenchy
Say you doing anything for the benjy
Eh eh
Long c*cky you be hunting
All d boys inna ur yard say dem don you strong thing
But ah you I be wanting
Baby come inna me room make me give you sweet fvcking
Real talk ah no joking
c*cky longer than tower
Make fvck you every hour
Girl you know I got the power
Fvck from dusk till dawn with your legs pon mi shoulder
This ah bad man style K-10 give you now girl
Mi Shift gear inna your belly
And you cream pon mi c*cky
You no answer your celly
Bad girl...

You come dey
f*ck you over
Fvck you this one
f*ck you that one
Fvck you aro o...
f*ck you Akon
Fvck you Pedro
f*ck you Tekno
Fvck you Aboki
f*ck you Sheyman
Fvck you Wizzy
f*ck you Don Baba J
Fvck you Jago
f*ck you Aremu
Fvck You Mr Mulla
f*ck you o...

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