"Grown Man sh*t (BodytheBooth Ep. 3)"

[Intro: Bob Marley]
You take in a sense and say
"Herb-Herb is a plant"
I mean, herbs are good for everything
Why-Why these peo-

[Verse: ChillinIt]
It's like I can't, think of these words 'less I'm hittin the herb
And I got, love for the girls and the women with curves
And I got, love for the brothers that been puttin in work
And I got, love for my brothers that been pushin the herb
To get your dollar, make em holler, lyrics and rhymes
This image & vibe, got sh*t, no one been killin my high
This my grown man sh*t, I got my own damn kicks
Backpackin a dream, then I'm gon' be stackin thе C.R.E.A.M
Ever since they said thе Presidents will represent me
It's evident I get that money till I'm resting in peace
Forget it kid, do what you gotta do
This the wrong business if you lookin for forgiveness, best invest in a priest
I'm Houdini with this rappin sh*t (Hah), I get you open (Damn)
But lots of you lack the focus
Or focusin on the vinyl that scratchin on full focus on the beat of the track
Keep up, I'm on the Jazzy sh*t, ha
Half spliffs on my starship
Better get the swishers rolled up and your starter kits
On some Superman Kent Clark sh*t
Tryna move a gram in the park while it's dark, brother you gotta ask
No one's got your back? Tell me, do you got your own?
And if no one wants you back, tell me will you walk alone?
Sayin you don't want them back, you could do this on your own, you could do this on your own, fam
True rapper bars
Call it Booyakasha
Dance with the Devil in the moon and the light
The tarmac is still shining off the room in the night
The roads busy but i'm home busy, tuning a mic
Money and success over clubbing and sex
Heck yes, mic check, girl spittin to us
Write a rhyme 9-5 girl, sit in a bus, I'm still in the cut
Survival of the fittest to us, I skill it
The blunt: zig zag, fill it with bud
Half fades, Monday misery comes
And then it's Friday, Ice Cubes still in the cup, you get it?
Give a f*ck if she givin it up
Gave music my whole heart but that isn't enough
I thought that she'd stay but she left for the love
I guess the water don't get much thicker than blood
Even your, own blood could see your own blood
It's so tough in a cold cold there's no love
Your own blood could see your own blood
It's so tough in a cold cold there's no love
The lights to my city bring serenity and peace
In one way, life's better in the streets
Thank God for the music, life's better with a beat
BodyBag in the Booth, we be reppin for the scene, ha
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