"It’s Me"

[Intro: SIXTY]
Big 6-0
Big Sixty
Fresh home
L's down
Free the f*cking team, man
Too many man to mention in one song
Free the guys, man
f*ck the paigons

[Verse 1: SIXTY]
The streets don't show you love (None)
But they show me some
You're gassed 'cause you got down 1
I got down 2 when I buss this gun
Top scorer, I'm on the field
You're on the bench, I'll call you a sub (Blow)

Still break down packs for funds
I put the cling first when it gets to the dust

[Verse 2: NitoNB]
It could've been better, but I had to top it
I don't bring Batman when robbin'

I hop in the bonnet and make him a topic
Who did it? Who bun him?
I'm in OT with a white boy boffin
I still take trips with the big hand toy
If there ain't no victim, I might just bop it
The dots come rusty, rotten
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