TIM & BARRY TV lyrics



Tim and barry tv
Too Trappy
Huh, City Boy Ting

[Verse 1]
I flip these packs
Pebbling stones
Birds still flying
Still arguing with boo all day
Cah Trappy's hardly replying
Like, all that talk on the net
First things first, You don't do typing
Like, I ain't tryna hot up my ting
Cah I really do bootings bait
I lean and tap when I slap off my ting
And you can chill with the opps
Just don't be around when D-Boy’s gliding
Cah bro don't give no f*cks
He loves the thrill when we go riding
And all now we ain't touched no one
f*cking girls they're always hiding
Slide to the pill, that's drills on drills
Man I'm on your block
That's Michael Dappah waving wappers
Like mans not hot
Bruce got flake, and ten got bricks and killers still breaking pots
And, (eh)
And D-Boy loves to wave this dots
Like money march around who
Man get boxed if I see that sh*t
And man better mind how they walk
Cah man get slapped even with their chick
Then it's back to the kitchen
Bros whippin, then I do OT trips
And I'll do it again
Brown and cute, her bodies a 10
That's no remorse, drill her with sauce
I told bruce let me test this wap
And I been doing road from town to town
With packs, tryna test this cap
Still hop off a 125
I did it with D-Boy, them boy dash
Don't give a toss, still tap at your boss
I don't do no chat
Cah I got it, in my pocket
And on Q I swear I'll pop it
And Gotti's still leaning
And still got the kitties popping
Oi stop it, Oi stop it
Like baby come hold this pole
Them boy there catching feelings
I was outside still catching colds
Them man ain't really involved
You see me, I'm fully involved
So when I buck my opps in the flesh
Man know that I'm really on smoke
Like why you think Christmas Eve
Them boy run off and leave their bros
The only time I throw two hands in the air
Is when I see popo
Other than that 1 hand in the air
Tap, tap, when I'm on go, go
Like free Stoney, free Jo
I can't wait till they free my bros
That's kitchen pots and stoves
120 on the M, what you know
That's kitchen pots and stoves
120 on the M, what you know (Ay)

[Verse 2]]
It was me and Boost doing up 8
Serving dinners, now I got dinners spilling all on me
Hella bad b's wanna come to the C
And man can forget about Nooski
Like bro was 18 with the 18
So, man don't tell me bout fiends
Cah we've been f*cking up these streets
Man know me, Q2T
Opp boys dem love chat about me
That's drillers and lyca phones
You better hashtag 2 trappy
Like bro hot steps with his buss downs
That's a carti and no mileys
Got the paigons there feeling bruck
Don't go jail tryna be like me
I was in jail, Doing up mail
Didn't even apply for bail
Conspiracy squad in the holding cells
Coming like story tales
And the other side bruck
He chat pon net, Chatty patties like girls
You think I got time for the hype
My iPhone keeps f*cking up these scales
I just done no ticks with Irish
Now I step with waps all stylish
Expensive smokes and we like this
I don't care how much that light is
And Nooski just stepped out the wok
And Tox just dodged that lifer (ay)
And Tox just dodged that lifer
2 Trappy
Tim and barry tv
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