Marika Hackman

"Temporary Loan"

[Verse 1]
I sing the blues most every night
And I wait for the one I lost
He snuck into my secret files
And he read my mind
He belongs to someone
I know how she spells her name
I'll consider another day
Without the one I love
Without the one I love

[Verse 2]
He no longer loves me
I'm supposed to forget about him
I was just a harbour
A temporary love
A temporary love
On loan

[Verse 3]
I think I know what's on his mind
And I'll try to be satisfied
He snеaks around my secret life
And hе wrote me down
Someone else will help him
I'll pretend to forget the past
I'll look for a love that lasts
A love that never dies
A love that never dies
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