"Darkest Desire"


I play this game, ya this game of fame
To make a virtual reality come to life in mortality
It ain't so little, and so I fiddle with the
Animatronics and iconic electronics
What's in this casette? I'm willing to bet
That's it a mechanical figure brought to ears for the listener
Looking around, ceiling to the ground, identifying
Something amiss, should I look or try and resist


Everything's coming together
Now erupting in terror
It's glowing forever
The fear is growing
Never, confided
That one day I'd like to be
Invited, outsidе of this domain

This reality
My mentality
Everything changеs so rapidly
And I'm ready for the never ending fire
Dancing with my deepest dark desires
How empirical
Don't know anything quite hysterical
Everything around me transpires
As I fulfill my darkest desire
I'm coming to know, what lies below
The mind to find a legitimate reason for why, I try
Every turn, returns concern
But my curiosity is a growin, it keeps goin goin
Don't bat an eye, no need to cry
Listen to the
Tape an' wait, for any fear to come near
Cold and lonely, join so closely
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