Snow Tha Product

"Like I*"

I been on my sh*t, like I gotta get rich
So I'm all in my bag, like I gotta get chips
Like I haven't been runnin' it up, handlin' biz
Like I haven't been rackin' it up for some odd years
Like I haven't been
Like I haven't been

[Verse 1]
Like I haven't been saying what they saying they know
Like they ain't been late
Like I ain't been wrote, hella bars these b*tches now spittin', I'm gone
I'm dead, I'm sleep, these b*tches all cheats
They biting my sh*t, mouth wide all teeth
I'm sleep like Z, Z-Z-Z
These b*tches could never thread count these sheets
But I'ma still get the bag now, never will I back down
Never have I been scared, I'ma hit the gas now
Okay dale gas, you feel me like a patdown
I'm about to give you fire, gather round like a campground
Getting a little smoky, I ain't talking about a blizzy
'Cause I got a couple b*tches wanting me to sign their titties
All I do is get to cities, get a check for getting litty
Got a couple male rappers getting jealous that I'm winning
How the f*ck you let a female do what you can't?
You pus*y ass boy, what a motherf*ckin' waste
I ain't never had a handout or begged for no plate
But I feel bad for your mom for the b*tch she raised, wait
Y'all dudes lazy as f*ck
Course you're f*ckin' broke, all you do is buy drugs
And you can't even afford 'em but your mindframe sucks
Can't stand your own self so you gotta get buzzed, f*ck
Yikes, get you some accountability
f*ck your pity party, you a pus*y wanting sympathy
Let's talk grown sh*t, cash and liquidity
You a sh*t talker and a f*cking liability
That's a conversation no one ready to be having
Everybody wanna claim that they the realest in they captions
Everybody wanna hop up in the booth and get to rapping
They ain't living what they saying, they ain't really 'bout that action
Every time I hit the stage, that's a base I earned
Keep playing with fire and you gonna get burned
Motherf*ckers too fake, I don't chase, I learn
b*tch I paved my own way so you hate, I swerve
You b*tches can't drive fast so you crash, I turn
I don't even look back, I know karma gon' work
I be on my own wave in L.A. like surf
And I got your b*tch in the back like "Yerrr"
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