"Red (Acoustic Version)"

[Verse 1]
It feels like greyscale reality
In this world we've built on our own
It's unclear to me
What we are still trying to be
If I could bring back the peace we had
Would the wars come with it too?
The black lines are holding me
The black lines are holding me

So let's stop living in black and white
One streak of color could change a life
We have the shades of blue in tears
And hues of green for passing years
White lies put hatred in our hеads
So we will show them love instеad
We'll paint the whole world red
We'll paint the whole world red

(We'll paint the whole world red)x4

[Verse 2]
I can feel time in my veins
Counting down my days
I won't paint them grey with pain
Let's paint our hearts red again
If we can settle the scores between
The good and evil sides
We'll take a step
One more deep breath
I can move past the fear of death
When nothing can hold me anymore
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