Saturday night alone hehe lyrics




Lose my, relevance
I'm not, getting it
I've been, wasted
I've been, remembering
Bad times and the bright lights
Your smile, in the star shine
And I do it for you and I [?] when I was playing it cool
Without you, [?] with the lights down, nothing to do
I'm putting, into your [?], cause I don't want you to move
And I can tell that you been mad cause I been better than you
Ran out of options, [?] I can do
Be okay, run away, have another day
I don't wait, I don't wait and I can't hesitate
I don't know, I never know, [?]
Pretty faces looking at me
Yeah, and I'm always falling to pieces
What would you do? Would you even believe it?
Wеll I guess not
Back into the bottom of the pill bottlе, when I ride, aye
Quick thoughts, [?] into my f*cking head until I get lost
I'm a big boss, I can't stop and get these stupid love songs, got me p*ssed off
Sorry that I couldn't forget it
But if I said it, I meant it
I wrote you letters in my blood and I hope that you read it
I get this sh*t's really over and I'll never regret it
Guess this sh*t's really bad in my grave and I let it
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