"Adult swim"

Living till the end of time, catch him at the rapture/
Digging in the waste basket, snacking on the rappers/
“Get it?” like a stunner, rap for whippersnappers/
b*tches bring guns men pack knives to slash em/
These Pee-on faggots masquerade as blaster and-/
The lead don slash the master came in after them/
The mad as a hatter spitter of fat cat chatter/
Bad actin rappers get their rat ass walloped/
Battle of the meanest assassin in the helix/
Versus any bast*rd that happens to resist/
You can keep the streets and guess there’s no problem then/
Me and the andromedans already got to Washington/
And conquered it, and we’ll keep on going/
Over throwin the whole game while there’s no one knowin/
Low blow the Joe that praises his own gold totem/
Hold the throne I’m like Odin/ yo man
It’s Rod Zerling, coming to ya inner city/
God serving more porkies than mister frisbee/
Odd person, a tallish rhyme sayer/
And I’m coming at you in all the 5 flavors
I prefer barbecue
Get off the mic before the awkward talker slaughters you/
Wrote the book on rhymes just to walk you through /
Call me the author dude/
I am Ben, the mic leviathan/
Here to strike again on self righteous rhymin men/
Stray idol eyes idolize mightful guys/
Here to pry the mic from em like a title fight/
Stop with that blabberin, Not with that fragile sh*t/
Hop in the gravel pit, drop with a agile hit/
Coliseum rumble and gods of eden thence crumble/
All you see is rubble that Ozymandias resembles/
Bet’s all in, if we luck out, then cool/
And it’s adult swim, get the f*ck out the pool/

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