Willie Hutch

"I Choose You"


[Verse 1]
How you doin'?
I'm glad you came by
Now I've been sitting here and hoping and praying that you show
I just couldn't believe that you'd come
Oh, you know, after all I'd put you through
You know, it seems like we always meet on the same grounds
You're always waiting to take me back
Me sitting here with nowhere to go, but you know I've made it now
You know, it took me a long time to realise that you were the only one who wanted me to make it
That meant a lot to me
Come here baby, come on
Let me hold your hand
Don't be afraid, come on baby
'Cause I ain't never gonna leave you again, no baby
'Cause you know what?
I choose you, baby
Yes, i choose you

(I, I choose you, baby)
I, I choose you (Baby)
And I'll tell you why
You were there when no one else would be in my corner
Girl and it's you that I've learned to love
That I've placed no one above
Oh, how can I thank you?
Just take you home and make you my loving wife
So we can always be together, oh ain't that nice?
And I, I choose you (Baby)
Hey, baby, yeah
And ooh, I choose you (Baby)

[Verse 2]
No longer do I have to shop around anymore
I've found the once in a lifetime girl that I've been searching for
And oh, baby, you're all right
Hopping out the picture, girl, that you're truly out of sight
You're the kind of woman any man would be proud to know
You're the kind of woman a man brags about everywhere he goes

I, I choose you (Baby)
Now, ooh, I choose you (Baby)
'Cause you're sugar, oh, you're spice
Woman, Lord knows, yeah, you're everything nice
Lovin' goodness, oh I, I feel, I feel real nice
And oh, I choose you (baby)
Hey, hey, ain't never gonna leave you
Oh honey, you know, you're staying with me
When nobody else believed I'd ever make it
Ah, yeah, you gave me that inspiration
Every time I was down you picked me up
That's why I choose you, baby
I ain't never, never, never
Never, never, never
Never gonna leave you, baby
Never, never, never
Yeah, honey, never gonna leave you, no, no, no

You know, honey, you taught me what it means to love someone
I, I want you to go places with me, you know?
Meet my friends and family
What more could I say to you?
I love you
I love you
I love you, baby
I love you

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