Let's do it, baby

You only say you love me when we're naked
When you're bangin' on my bedroom door
You only say you love me when you want me and we're naked
When you're layin' on my bathroom floor, oh

[Verse 1]
Hourglass shape for a figure
Silhouette send me off like a trigger
Goddamn, I'm the man when I'm with her, yeah (Ooh)
Think I found her, but I know I can't tell her
She got a mind that could change with the weather
She'd even eat me alive if I let her, yeah (Ooh)

When you call me late at night, tell me you were just passin' by
You got somethin' else on your mind, I'm yours (I'm yours)
But in the mornin' light when you're wakin' up by my side
You forgot what you said last night (Ooh)
(Let's take it to the floor, let's go)
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