The sad reality of it all is that the only thing
Most of these n*ggas be having is a hard f*cking time
n*ggas broke forreal
b*tch I got coke for sale I don’t need nothing from you

I just wrapped a bale
I broke another scale I ain’t buying Nare another
Crack in my draws hoe
Barrel on the waist I feel like Barney rubble

I kill your ass n*gga I ain’t playing around with you you ain’t take nothing from me
n*ggas mad b*tches madder
A lot of these n*ggas be acting like a faggot and there b*tches manly
b*tch take a look at dese here

Diamonds dancing with y’all dirty assess
Can’t wait till this day that I pull up Casper
sl*tty gwapo thе passenger
With the windows tintеd out

Window tinted out roll that window down make your ass take a different route
Trapping out mansions guns in the couch sl*tty bought the b*tches out
Money to be made I beat that pot like a slave
Boy you can’t get rid of that work like it’s aids
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