Out of Bounds lyrics



Mhm Mhm Mhm
Aye Aye
Mhm Aye Oh Oh Uh Uh
Mhm Oh Oh
(Yo Elay! You counting up!)
Aye Aye
(Aye Max, This sh*t raw as hell boy]

They say keep my head up, like what that gon' do?
I told y'all folk a lot of sh*t, ain't tell you what I won't do
Like damn, fed up, I had to lace up my boots
Like now you trippin' boy, you back, I'm tryna step in dem' shoes
I lost my brudda' cuz the streets f*cked round, took over the booth
We got back active, and dem f*ck n*ggas get outta the loop
Just cuz you outta' bounds don't think we won't get up with you
Dem n*ggas really clowns, I swear to god, dem f*ck n*ggas sploof
I'm talking run him down, he uped his pistol, didn't even shoot
I'm on 4'Block, 400 shots, Dem jits just gonna go my move
We need a route, we GPS-ing sh*t, wе spin [?]
I'm talking dust and done, we having fun, we sweep sh*t no broom
For that pack, you gotta run down, hush clown
All my troopеrs round' the f*ckin' town, lay the hat down
I'm talking melon and I'm coming down, It's up now
Oh he speak on Lil Buck too? You gave me the run around
Word around the city, pus*y n*gga my head up
You see that pus*y sh*t Lil HotGirl posted on his Insta?
These rappers from Orlando really be my lil sistas
You know I'm All Family, No Friends, das the only way I'm kin to em
Pop out gang official, ask the opps, they missed they target tho'
If I leave up to OD, he already told me, [?]
He got 50 in the mag, He get clappin' like an audience
Round of applause, we knock em all down, they go to following
Lil [?], My n*gga feel the vibe, [?]
Like no face, that boy spent every day, there ain't know doubtin' it
It's North Lane but bruh say how we watchin' so we rerouting it

Ight, Ight, come on watch this

We jump upon the highway, cuz that sh*t my way
State trooper get behind me and hit the lights like He in an i8
He get on side the [?] and try to pick maneuver sideways
I hit the gas and [?] went up burning up the dumb way
Ion f*ck around with percs, I be alert, I'm talkin' on game
Go find me gang, [?]
These diamonds in my mouth, I got them dancin' like Beyonce
He spint' the same day, I swear to god, I love his [?]
We caught the same case and nobody say a f*ck thing
Lil Psych telling on Lil Mikey, and swear he about that gun play
Like how the f*ck you tellin' on your blood? What your folks say?
But nevermind, they ru-
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