Genius Romanizations

"[Jay Park, pH-1, BIG Naughty , Woodie Gochild, HAON, TRADE L, Sik-K] - [The Purge] (Romanized)"

[Chorus: Jay Park]
Break the windows and let's light this place on fire
Everybody masked up like Michael Meyers
Flip the car over after we slash the tires
H1GHR ganging call on us killaz for hire
This the purge, break a law steal a purse
This the purge, don't end up in the dirt
This the purge, can't nothing get worse
This the purge, pray to GOD
This the purge

[Verse 1: pH-1]
I said one for the money
And got two coming for your head
Boilla meorikarak ppalli sumeo
Better duck 'fore they find you dead
Gihoeneun hanbeon, daejima beobeok
Spilt that red like Johnnie Walker
Urin neomu nappa, sone an japyeo
Jinjjaro wiheomhae, wae jakku siheomhae
Better quit testing me, ay
My clique next to me, ay
Nunape boineun daero jul sewoseo hanmyeongssik
(Doo-doo-doo) Rest in peace
On the purge, so them birds pull up
On the purge, so them birds pull up
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