Slimelife Shawty

"Hot Box"

[Intro: Slimelife Shawty]
I'm posted in the corner
I'm finna be an owner
You know I'm talkin' 'bout

[Chorus: Slimelife Shawty]
Came in this bih with my dawg
Came in this bih with the Glock on my hip
Lil n*gga I ain't playin' with y'all
f*ck your dawg he tried to cheat
So now I'm prayin' for y'all
Step on who? You got me f*cked up
I don't know what he told
I don't know what he told
f*ck them n*ggas they mad forever
I'ma get the bag forever, Minnis on my side
I call him Glock 'cause he gon blast forever
Top wet, get you top popped
Made her cover her ass at the [?]
Wе were young n*ggas riding hotbox

[Verse 1: Slimelife Shawty]
I'm for real, tеll me what's the deal
Everybody slime now
I guess that we're ally now
Oh you thought I'm blind now
I don't let 'em faze me
I been taking drugs and I'm tryna shake it
I'ma swang your block with Glocks and make you shakey
Ay your heart pumpin foul with your b*tch ass
Let's get right to it
Hoppin and droppin grab my Glock
Lil n*gga let's get right to it
Spin the bin, my twins and fam
Lil n*gga let's get right to it
I'm on that [?] I don't want anybody say who [?] type sh*t
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Let's do it
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