Lucille lyrics


The Radio Dept.

(Expiration is like a baby
It does not choose a nice seemly hour to enter the world)

I see them tears in your focus
Wake in the wind of the soul
n*gga want war what's your motive
n*gga want war what's your goal
I'm at the flats what's up
Weaving delusion romance
I ain't felt passion once
Young with regrets of old men
Just wanna slow dance
Hold on your waist as the moon lands
Bad at the movements
That look in your eyes
Make me jubilant
No i won't break your soul
But live and know if i could i would
Cause i know this ain't love
Just don't know if you should
Tryna place your love but i can't trust that fragrance
Waking head retouch just one more grеat day wasted
And repeat
I was up latе
Back in them scenes
Tongue on my mouth i can't muster to scream
Your partner a hoe he got people to please
But all of my n*ggas gon say what they mean
And all of my partners gon stay with that steam
And all of my b*tches gon f*ck how they feel
I love when i weep remind me i can feel
But don't wanna put all i love in the field
Bad b*tch like Lucille
Blue pills at your debutante
Tell me how you feel
In the moon you can your rest your thoughts
I feel the boats at bay on railroad
Watching the trees display all i know
Could go forever in here
Yeah i could forever feel free
Between the death that i fear
And life i estranged that reared me
We pull up with sticks man
That n*gga a b*tch knock the twitch off your lips and
I walk till my kicks don't move
Want nothing but in those shoes
But i feel a distant view
Like maybe I'm not deserving
Like maybe the sh*t i done did
The scribble of kids and not discerning
Like all my thoughts is worthless
And everything fraught is perfect
I look at the stars unearthing
Sink into the frosted earth and
Why i ain't lash out i don't get mad
Flesh of man my mind in between that
Who you see as high
I can't get with that
Get with that
So it's goodbye
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