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I'm simply not from this planet, uh
I'm sick with the sh*ts cause my minds eye, uh
So I keep me a stick for the fye-fye, uh
You unawakened, my mental my haven, I'm grounded like pavement, you'll die-die, uh
This ain't no muhf*ckin drive-by, uh
This that run up from your blind side, uh
This, that, you talk on the internet
You’ll see my silhouette behind you, bye-bye, uh
f*ck you heard, I’ll turn your boyfriend to a b*tch
Boy you get cursed, just like a witch I keep a stick, uh
Lead on my lap, like she was trying to x-ray my di*k
Then she throw that f*cking neck just like a Lynch (Okay)

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