Dhurata Dora


[Teksti i "Roll"]

[Intro: Young Zerka]
Yes baby girl
Give it to me roll
The maximal the maximum

[Chorus: Young Zerka & Dhurata Dora]
My baby's looking beter than a dooll
In the dance floor she's loosing control
The way she move she adore
Do, dodo, dodo, dore
Yes, I roll
Come on baby let me give some more
No one ask me what I do for you baby
And I shake it f-, f-, f-, f-, for

[Verse 1: Dhurata Dora & Young Zerka]
Hey get low
Kur je me mu krejt i harron
Po kaq leht nuk te shkon
Po du me pa qysh po, kercen
Party dance on the floor
Come on girl let me sure
Yes we are jump a little more
Give me the sugar sweat lip lip my baby

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