MDMA (Molly)

"Kids Next Door"

Lyrics from Snippet

-my soul, Molly Mean bite
Taking your pleas, we drop down on [?]
Then I go jetstream, I feel like green lights
Big fire on my body like Charizard
My little Tommy is holdin' a Reptar
I got a gun and I feel like I’m [?]
Throw me that brain like this b*tch was booksmart
After, I'm booking, don't care ’bout her good heart
Swiping your ho, I had to go tend a ho
Don't question this green, Molly, [?]
But I come back because I didn't finish her
I'm in the jungle with lions, gorillas, yeah
Hannibal Lecter, eat her then killin' her
No, we not matching, lil' n*gga, not candy, yeah
I got b*tches out here switching
I got-

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