Tootsies lyrics


Roddy Ricch

Lyrics from Snippet

(Sonic goin' crazy)

Blew a hunnid last month at Tootsies
If you got five-hunnid, then you better book me
Catch me in ATL with my YSLs pushin' P
Stop talkin' that talk, b*tch, suck this di*k
My Audemar Piguet make 'em wanna cut my wrist
I bet we f*ck it up and tear the roof off this b*tch
Three-hunnid thou', even my lil' coupe cost some sh*t
I want another house, I don't give a f*ck who bought this b*tch

Take some time, talk some sh*t, I ain't never lost a b*tch
Seen an opp outside playin' defence and we caught a pic
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